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  • Business case and GPO workshop in Germany

To whom it may concern:

BONESUPPORT AB is a Scandinavian orthobiologics company that develops and markets CERAMENT®, an innovative range of radiopaque injectable osteoconductive and drug-eluting bioceramic products that have a proven ability to heal defects by remodeling to host bone in six to twelve months.

Our products are effective in treating patients with fractures and bone voids caused by traumainfectiondisease or related surgery.

I am writing to highly recommend the services of Mr. Schliack. We worked together with the purpose to develop a substantial and sustainable GPO strategy for our German subsidary. Mr. Schliack guided our German team and foreign visitors with a brilliant presentation through the German reimbursement landscape and its GPO environment. Based on this we have been able to create and develop a sustainable business case and plan for the upcoming 3 years.

Martin Rohr
National Key Account Director Germany


  • Consulting for high tech company based in UK

As a start-up company developing an innovative technology for active wound care, we were well aware of the complexities and highly competitive nature of the markets, but needed some input and data in order to establish Total Addressable Market estimates and market penetration and revenue hypotheses. Stephan was able to efficiently help us to create models for use in our business planning and pitch deck, based on a deep understanding of the target market dynamics and needs starting the journey in the summer 2021.

After this initial experience we further engaged Stephan in support of our Seed-stage fundraising, a task he has embraced with dedication and to which he has brought additional credibility and depth of experience.

Mart Jan 2022

Mart E. Pearson

Co-Founder, Partners in Global Wound Care Ltd.


  • M+A Medtech Europe

Kaneka Pharma Europe NV is a Japanese company which has specialized in the healthcare sector in highly specialized medical products in the field of blood purification and interventional catheters. The search for specialized markets always comes first. Some time ago we decided to expand our core DNA in the business area to include a completely new field, wound therapy. In this context, I spoke to Mr Schliack for strategic and operational support in order to obtain the necessary external perspective and impetus for this area. In this context and over the duration of the project, I got to know Mr. Schliack as an excellent thinker who was able to break down complex issues with knowledge and experience to our needs in the company and the market. In addition to the pleasant human manner that characterizes him, the given task was approached very objectively and highly analytically. Specifically, we were able to meet our goal of precise customer focus, wound focus, portfolio adjustment and the necessary sales administrative requirements. During his work, Mr. Schliack not only gets an idea of ​​the management, but also approaches the basis specifically in order to put his recommendations and advice on a balanced foundation. Mr. Schliack therefore uses interviews and workshop modules in order to include all levels of staff in the result and to create a sense of common ground. This distinguishes Mr. Schliack from many consultants who write down their recommendation more on the basis of a briefing and do not go much into the dynamics of the discussion and discourse. He also listens very well and at no point did we get the impression that he insists on his opinion or offers ready-made modules of his knowledge.

In short, Mr. Schliack’s brilliantly clear mind, coupled with a pronounced analytical and objective nature, make working together a pleasure. Personally, I would like to thank Mr. Schliack very much for the advice and cooperation and I am already looking forward to the next project.

Together with Mr. Schliack we worked on a separate project, which involved portfolio development as well as structural requirements. This also included the precise M&A consideration. In this project, too, Mr. Schliack impressively demonstrated his holistic view of companies and markets and was an excellent sparring partner during the weeks of the discussion. This mission that emerged in the end is a good armament for our company and our future direction.

I can only recommend Mr. Schliack and I already wish other companies a lot of pleasure in working with Mr. Schliack.

Dr Thomas Sicker

Vice President

Kaneka Pharma Europe NV


  • Regulatory MedTech Switzerland

I worked with Stephan Schliack on a project in Switzerland. Here there was the challenge that a key customer was not completely satisfied with the logistical provision and the quality of the products. I got to know Stephan Schliack as a very strong personality who was particularly successful in this situation in taking over the moderation and thus restoring the customer’s confidence in the products and services. I have come to know Stephan Schliack as determined, communicative and convincing. I really enjoy working with him because his uncomplicated, engaging and effective manner is exemplary. Clear recommendation!

Malte Stöckert


StingOrg GmbH


  • Market Research Europe

Stephan was a Subject Matter Expert on the project focused on development of market entry/ customer acquisition strategy. Stephan’s input was pivotal with forming research questions; his expert contribution to the research was valuable. In addition to strong subject knowledge, Stephan demonstrated a high level of professionalism both in terms of ethics and teamwork.

Olga Kugatkina


  • Business development M+A

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to recommend the services of Mr. Schliack.
In the last year Novolog Group has been active in the German market. In these special times of COVID 19 we were searching for healthcare consultant who can help the Novolog Group analysis the German healthcare market. I feel confident in recommending Stephan consulting services. He is not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Adi Marks

Business Development reporting to the CEO of the Novolog Group Israel


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